Poetry By Night

Over the weekend, my friend Stephen wanted to take prom pictures, so we went to a used book store called The Book Inn. This store has so much character, and the store owner was gracious enough to let us stay past closing time. I will most definitely return for some book browsing...



Here are some of my favorite portraits I have taken. I have two pocket friends, Laura and Naomi (They are quite small individuals.) These girls are unique in personality and style, and I wanted to capture something raw and sexy.

Palo Duro Canyon

Over the weekend, Wild Dave and I decided to travel to Palo Duro Canyon to paint the lighthouse rock formation at night with a spotlight. This was the moment of confirmation: Texas winds = El Diablo. We hiked three miles with all of our camera gear during the day, yet we were not prepared for the high winds while perched on top of one of the highest elevations in the canyon at night. However, we ended up with some fantastic shots! After shooting several long exposures, we hiked back after midnight. Luckily, the moonlight was bright enough to light our way without the use of headlamps.