.c'mon, let's take a walk through the mountains

My boyfriend and I made a deal: he picked the place, and I took my camera. Here are the photos from our adventure through the Sandias. We ended up with some pretty sweet portraits. Enjoy!



Since I've been Hobbs, I have had two photo shoots involving kids. I will say, taking photos of children is super hard, but definitely rewarding. For some reason, both of these kids had to have a kitten in the photo with them, which just makes the photographs even more adorable. Here is Ajay and Roxy!


.texas summer wedding

I know I am ridiculously late on posting these photos, so forgive me for procrastinating. This wedding was incredibly gorgeous, and the bride and groom are two people I admire. The groom is my photography professor and a huge mentor of mine. Please view his web site to see his work! http://www.jerodfoster.com/ I wish the very best for Jerod and Amanda! Congrats! :)