lines, lines, lines

Sometimes I forget to stop and look at the not so obvious design that is happening all around me. I think it is important to make it a point to recognize all of the elements of design whether it's the swirls in your coffee cup, or the interesting lines bicycles make against a bike rail. If you have your camera go ahead and take the picture because it might come out better than you expected...

.abandoned paper mill

Get ready for a blog extravaganza, an explosion of images, or essentially me getting caught up on blogging...

About a couple weeks ago, my friend and fellow classmate, Jake, and I went into an abandoned paper mill in Millers Falls. This place definitely had some interesting worn-down characteristics. If you are interested in ghost towns, empty lots, abandoned buildings then I definitely recommend following up and remembering the area for future photo shoots. This particular building had gorgeous lighting coming through the windows around sunset.


First Images at Hallmark

Hi everyone!

  Here are some first images that I have taken during the first week of school at Hallmark Institute of Photography. We are learning to shoot photographs in monochrome first because it is essential to learn tonality and it will also help emphasize the lines and shapes you see to help with composition. I have never thought about shooting in monochrome to help with composition and lighting before, but I actually prefer it. The camera takes a JPG in monochrome (black and white) and then keeps the RAW file in color, so that way you have two versions of your original image. We went to Old Deerfield where we were received our first assignments. Old Deerfield is about 20 miles from Greenfield, where I live, and is required to maintain a colonial look to it. Next week we have another field trip to Brattleboro, Vermont. :) Enjoy!



Postcards & Prints For Sale!!!

Postcard nostalgia? If you're tired of sending emails all the time, check out the new postcards I have for sale. These particular shots are macro photos from western Massachusetts, giving you a closer look at nature. If you are interested in buying some postcards, please email me at:


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.garett + morgan wedding

While I was in Lubbock, a good friend of mine, Morgan, got hitched to her new husband Garett! They were married in a winery called McPherson located in the depot. The winery is gorgeous, with its many tile mosaics, minimalistic decor and scored cement flooring. McPherson has awesome outdoor patios; however, this particular day it was pouring rain. Here and there the sun would peek out of the clouds and provide a window of time for us to take a few photos. The entire evening was fabulous, and it was quite an honor to see the bride and the groom see each other all dressed up for the first time on their wedding day. Congratulations Morgan and Garett!



subject: dylan

place: lubbock, tx

costume: mirror ball suit!!!