Considering fashion/editorial photography...so many choices.



In the commercial studio we learned how to properly light glassware. I had several successes until I broke one glass from CB2; however, it made for an interesting image.

Business & Alternative

Our assignment was to shoot a professional PR image for our client and then provide an alternative image that tells a story about the individual. Scott in an avid camper and we actually pitched a tent inside the portrait studio to achieve the alternative image.

Phase I Final Portfolio

cool on warm / warm on warm
 b + w head shot
 environmental portrait
 portrait implying motion
 product on location
 portrait on location
 hand portrait

Here is my Phase I final portfolio! Enjoy!


Warm & Cool

Color : red, blue, purple, yellow, green, orange...the list goes on. Have you ever considered putting warm tones together or cool tones together? Or perhaps cool on cool or warm on warm? Try it! Your colors will pop!


Salem, MA

During the month of October, Salem is definitely a place to visit because it's Halloween all month. In fact, it's Halloween all year there, but particularly in October it gets very kooky and festive. I was always fascinated with the Salem Witch Trials when I was younger, and it was interesting to see the memorials and how the town has evolved since. 

 Mock witch trial starting on the cobble stone streets leading to the courthouse.

Aerial Photography in Autumn

This past October Dylan and I went up in a small plane to get some shots. We met up with the pilot, Phil, and he gave us the tour around the area. He met up with us outside the hangar and took us for a ride.

 Connecticut River
 Campbell's Soup Corn Maze
 UMass football field in Amherst

 Phil, our awesome pilot!

It was great to see a different perspective of where we live. The leaves were changing colors during this time and I got to fly the plane myself for awhile also! 

Arnold Newman Homage

Our professor, Gregory Heisler, studied under Arnold Newman in the past, so one of our assignments was to create images as an homage to Heisler's mentor. Arnold Newman was essentially the one who created environmental portraiture. 

Newman's work will inspire one to find a dramatic angle and an abstract way of positioning the subject alongside the background. I find myself having fun with using more of the frame and environment.