.leaves are a fallin'

Over the weekend, Ashley and I went out to campus and the depot to take her senior portraits. We were able to catch the last bit of autumn scenery before all the leaves fall off the trees around Lubbock. I have known Ashley awhile now through dance, and it's hard to believe that we will both be graduating in a month. Congratulations Ashley and keep dancing!




Wine, lamps and eyeliner. These are the essential, not so essential tools in producing artistic work. I needed a break from a required photography session. This is the stuff I crave to shoot.

Amanda, thanks for being an incredible model. It's always nice to step back and remember why I chose photography as a prominent component in my life, aaand it's always nice to know that my camera is not just a tool, but merely an observer of the moment at hand. Cheers!


Independent Study - Giles

Lately, I have been on a blogging frenzy. Last week I had four photo shoots, and so I have been editing and posting all weekend. I hope everyone is enjoying the changing leaves and fall weather. I am trying my best to take advantage of the reds, the yellows and the oranges this fall season.

This particular post is a combination of two photo shoots combined. For my independent study, I have met the kindest individuals over the semester, and here is one of them. I contacted Mr. Giles W. Dalby Jr. in mid-October and have been back a second time around the first of November because he has so much to photograph on his ranch. Cross H Ranch is located just outside Post, Texas which is about 40 miles or so southeast of Lubbock. Mr. Dalby runs the Cross H Ranch, which has been in the family since 1901. He has cattle, specialized hunting tours and horse-drawn carriages and wagons.

While on the ranch, Mr. Dalby was kind enough to let me steer the reins of a two-horse wagon around the vast stretch of land. We would stop here and there so I could photograph the wagon in motion as the cattle ran alongside. Also, I was able to ride a horse and at least assist in herding cattle with him. All in all, it was a fantastic experience and I am humbled by the friendliness and dedication that I have been shown. Please visit crosshranch.com for more photos and information. Enjoy!


.charlie + kacie

On the first of November my cousin Charlie married Kacie. Their story on how they met has always fascinated me. Charlie is a farmer surrounded by his land and his work. Kacie was hired to break horses on their ranch, and this acquaintance became the start of a new romance. Through many days on the farm working and talking, they are now married to each other. I wish the very best for this couple in the future. Congratulations!


.morgan + john

At the beginning of October, I was able to photograph a gorgeous wedding at the Watson Building in Lubbock. The atmosphere the family generated at the wedding was joyous, celebratory and loving. Here is Morgan and John, the newlyweds, and their beautiful wedding captured. Congratulations!