One More Week

In one week I'll be dressed in cap and gown...

It's hard to believe my undergraduate studies will be coming to a finish, however I am eager to move on to the next step. I'm planning on working in Lubbock after graduation.

I want to give a warm thanks to everyone who has made an impact in my life.

To my peers, keep working diligently for that diploma and remember it is important to create a community of people who share your interests. My top reason for going to college was because I wanted to surround myself around people who were eager to learn.

To my mentors, it takes a devoted individual to praise youth and push talent where it needs to go, and I am forever thankful to have encouragement from those who work out of altruism.

To my family, you guys are my drive. My brother, Josey, is the most selfless, hard-working, benevolent person I know. Thank you Paco, you are an inspiration to all. And to my mom and to my dad. I am proud to receive this diploma because it is a representation of how hard my parents have worked to put my brother and I through school. It is a representation of how my parents supported my decisions and pushed me to succeed with excellence.

Graduation is not about receiving a piece of paper, it is about all of the people involved who helped you get to that place. Do not forget these people.

Photographer Bart Babinski defined a photographer as a "writer of light." That's what I am set to be.

With love,