Independent Study - Giles

Lately, I have been on a blogging frenzy. Last week I had four photo shoots, and so I have been editing and posting all weekend. I hope everyone is enjoying the changing leaves and fall weather. I am trying my best to take advantage of the reds, the yellows and the oranges this fall season.

This particular post is a combination of two photo shoots combined. For my independent study, I have met the kindest individuals over the semester, and here is one of them. I contacted Mr. Giles W. Dalby Jr. in mid-October and have been back a second time around the first of November because he has so much to photograph on his ranch. Cross H Ranch is located just outside Post, Texas which is about 40 miles or so southeast of Lubbock. Mr. Dalby runs the Cross H Ranch, which has been in the family since 1901. He has cattle, specialized hunting tours and horse-drawn carriages and wagons.

While on the ranch, Mr. Dalby was kind enough to let me steer the reins of a two-horse wagon around the vast stretch of land. We would stop here and there so I could photograph the wagon in motion as the cattle ran alongside. Also, I was able to ride a horse and at least assist in herding cattle with him. All in all, it was a fantastic experience and I am humbled by the friendliness and dedication that I have been shown. Please visit crosshranch.com for more photos and information. Enjoy!

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