Boudoir Sessions...

Hope the new year is starting well for everyone! As of late, I have added a new entity to my collection: boudoir photography. I have been transforming the spare bedroom in my house into a makeshift studio, which means a larger variety of portraiture. I am especially excited about introducing a sexy, yet tasteful side to my photography for anyone who is interested.

So I had my friend, Naomi (a gorgeous model), pose for me to give you a little peek at what boudoir photography is all about. I know you expected this, but Valentine's Day is approaching ladies... Call or email me and we will set up a shoot! Even if boudoir is not your thing, I'm sure we can find something that will suit you! Cheers!

Email: kristenshaw@me.com


  1. Naomi, you look beautiful. Kristin!!! I LOVE it! The lighting is gorgeous.

  2. WOW! That is beautiful ladies!! Kristen I want you to do my wedding!! If you want to. Your pictures are SO PRETTY! And Naomi you are so gorgeous!! Heather M.

  3. absolutely beautiful!!!
    -Rebecca F.